Every Day

by Bobby Drake

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The push of trying to get what it is you look for out of life. The drive behind getting what you want out of life, despite its hardships.


Push son, push. PUSH!
Drive, drive son DRIVE!
Strive, Strive mami!! STRIVE
And do it, EVERY-DAY!

If you live life moment to moment
Ya’ less likely to miss opportunity knocking
But if you live life moment to moment
You’ll never have time to take advantage of the opportunity when it knocks
Cause when it knocks,
Ya’ dealing with the moment

Hustler, living in the moment
Starstruck, heart hurt cause his meeting with Hova ain’t coming fast enough
But them bills are-oh yeah, Them bills are
It’s real son
Landlords give two fucks that you’re an outcast on the scene
Even though you used to roll with big-boi’s
Your life is an outcast to your dreams
Even though you used to roll on big wheels
Shit’s changed since you where seven
On the grind since you where eleven
And at 23 ya’ feeling like you crapped out.
Cracks out like the 80's or like you wearing low rise jeans
Cause if you gotta blow one more chick back out to fit ya’ ‘fridge....
Shit, YOU might scream.
But keep grinding, every day
Re-up like you on the block, every day-
Giving up is for the mediocre and God showed you-every, thing
he wanted you to do
Now keep moving.

Push son, push. PUSH!
Drive, drive son DRIVE!
Strive, Strive mami!! STRIVE
And do it, EVERY-DAY!

Ain’t no light at the end of a tunnel that you ain’t dug
You ain’t dumb
And you ain’t a thug-put down the drugs
If you where gonna give up you might as well have never even started to run
AN-DE-LAY, move dude
Ya’ getting closer like Goapele
One day you’ll be the whose who
Neva’ loose sight of your goal and they’ll shout your name from the vestibul!!
Wear the same shirt and pants.
Yeah I said it-wear the same shirt and pants-day in day out
Answer the question ya shirt asks-Can “U” Spit?
Answer them when they don’t ask questions and don’t question why they ain’t asking about you
Just stick to ya’ grind
They heavy weight
You middle weight
Stick and move, they not in ya’ class
They passed English and failed Math
Bad company if stability is what you are trying to add
Remember the advice you got from old heads
Cause you can’t learn nothing if everyone in ya’ circle is facing the same afflictions that you have

Push son, push. PUSH!
Drive, drive son DRIVE!
Strive, Strive mami!! STRIVE
And do it, EVERY-DAY!

A moment could equal a second
And most people can’t see a minute in front of them
Foresight is a gift, don’t waste it
And don’t waste time following footsteps
You couldn’t do a mile in their shoes
And remember, they can’t do a mile in yours either.
Rent due? And it was due yesterday
Girl whinin’? So.
Treat her right and she’ll stop when you reach that goal
Dude jealous? Shake ‘em mami if he can’t handle the pressure-

And remember the only thing between you and your dream, is every moment in every decision in every-day

And do it, every-day!


released September 28, 2013
Written, Performed, Produced by: L. Brown
Engineered by: Edward Cayce
Mixed by: Edward Cayce



all rights reserved


Bobby Drake Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My first influence was my mom. For the 9 months I was in her stomach as she performed for thousands of people, singing around the country. First woman I ever heard sing.

My second influence was pop. For the 9 months I was in moms stomach he played keys and bass next to her on those same stages

Ive since become a Spoken Word artist and music producer. ENJOY!
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